• September 26, 2023
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The world needs to speed up the energy transition and not slow down the process, according to the latest report by the International Energy Agency.

That is the main warning from the IEA in its update to the 2021 roadmap for the energy sector. 


The organisation said the planet is at risk of failing to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and being held hostage to CO2 capture.

Since the IEA’s last report, many changes have taken place, notably amid the global energy crisis triggered by Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

According to the IEA, energy sector carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise, and reached a new record last year.

“Yet there are also increasing grounds for optimism: the last two years have seen remarkable progress in developing and deploying some key clean energy technologies,” it said in a statement.

Two years ago, the agency warned of the need to put the brakes on new projects based on oil and gas. Now it’s going even further and against recent proposals from the United Kingdom and even the European Union.

Watch Euronew’s report in the video above for the full explainer.

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